Understanding Challenges

EasyPQQ provides a complete range of solutions to the challenges you face during the creation of complex sales-related (and other) documents. To get the most out of the software, it is important to address your key needs.

You may relate to some or all of the following challenges that EasyPQQ has been designed to resolve:

Time-Related Concerns

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Time spent waiting for colleague contributions
  • Finding information
  • Time spent on document review / design / consistency

Quality and Management-Related Concerns

  • Knowing the stage a document is at
  • Being aware of any ‘blockages’ to the process

Faith in Document Content

  • Is this the best document that the company can produce?
  • Are we using the best / latest information?
  • Have we learnt from past document outcomes?

Our consultants, both within the EasyPQQ service team and across the Propeller Studios company are experienced in helping you and others across  a variety of industry sectors

What our users say...

Excellent looking bid submissions. Being able to find previous answers and monitor the performance of our bid submissions.

Ease of finding previous answers from the database saves considerable time. The look of the documentation produced provides an edge over competitors. The ease of navigating around the system as well as the first class support provided from the back office team.